Fizzy Bath Bombs                             $3.50

Smaller than some, our powerful little Bath Bombs scent your bath and slough off dead skin cells to leave skin soft and delicately scented. Use one as a foot soak to smooth rough, tired feet.

  Moisturizing Milk Bath                        $11.00

After a long stressful day what is more relaxing than a nice warm relaxing milk bath? Tussie Mussies Moisturizing Milk Bath is a luxurious addition to your bath that will leave your skin feeling like silk. Our hand-blended milk bath contains ingredients to sooth and moisturizes your skin. Milk Bath use helps dissolves the proteins that hold together dead skin cells. Legend has it that Cleopatra, Elizabeth the 1st of England, and Poppaea are just a few of the women in history that would take a milk bath for various reasons and was considered that only the wealthiest of people could indulge in milks baths. So why not treat yourself to some luxury and try our Moisturizing Milk Bath that will leave your skin feeling soft and gives you a natural glow.

Hand & Body Lotion                     $15.00

Tussie Mussies Hand and body Lotion is a luxurious silky, lightweight lotion, boosted with an exclusive, nutrient-rich sea minerals complex absorbs instantly to replenish dry skin. Combining the restorative powers of 7 ocean algae, this ultra-moisturizing sea minerals complex ensures ultimate softness and resilience. Moisturizing skin care with calming aloe, plus anti-oxidant vitamins add an extra dose of care. Our Hand and Body Lotion is a non-greasy lotion that is excellent in hot, humid weather and for daily moisturizing. Our Hand and Body Lotion come in many wonderful fragrances! Our Lavender Cream Hand and Body Lotion is a must try with a sweet aromatic fragrance that will leave you feeling calm and tranquil.

Original Wash Bag                         $9.00

Tussie Mussies Original Washbag is a muslin bag filled with a blend of hypo-allergenic soap, fragrance, and a special all-natural ingredient that helps your skin retains moisture. The Original Washbag is our very own unique creation and our best-selling product! Our soap sachet will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

How to use the soap sachet: Our soap sachet is pressed into a bar shape that is easily worked into a creamy lather. Use the entire sachet to exfoliate and leave your skin soft and lightly scented. Allow to dry between uses.

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  Bath Crystals                                          $11.00

Tussie Mussies bath salts are a luxurious addition to your bath soak. Our hand-blended bath salts are aromatic jewels made to soften your water and sooth your senses. Perfect for a relaxing aromatherapy bath soak. Sprinkle the bath salts under running bath water to release their fragrance and skin moisturizing benefits. Soak, relax, and enjoy.

Bath & Shower Gel                        $15.00

Tussie Mussies Bath & Shower Gel is a luxurious homemade shower gel made to order with high quality ingredients. Shower Gel is a delightful cleansing gel that can be used as a shower gel, shampoo, or a gentle bubble bath. One small capful produces lots of moisturizing foam. Enjoy fresh and gentle cleansing with a burst of fragrance!re.

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  Everyday Goats Milk Soap                    $6.00

Luxurious and moisturizing, ingredients include glycerin and coconut oil to create a super creamy lather.

Tussie Mussies has been hand making luxurious bath and body products in the Pacific Northwest for over 23 years. Our made-to-order products are freshly crafted with care using high quality ingredients. We have a unique selection of products including our exclusive Original Washbag, Tub Teas, Hand & Body Lotions, Bath & Shower Gels, Moisturizing Milk Bath, Linen Sachets and more in a variety of fragrances. We pride ourselves in creating all our products with quality and care, and offer a wide variety of beautiful fragrances – both traditional and contemporary.ere.